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I write because that is fundamentally who I am. My writing includes both non-fiction and fiction. Both short form and long form. While I am comfortable playing across a broad range of genres, much of my focus is on true crime, fictionalized true crime and historical fiction. Rigorous historical research is foundational to much of my writing.

Living on a lake in the north Georgia mountains, away from the rat race of the city, affords me the luxury of writing and inspires me in so many ways.

In this space I will share what I’m reading and working on, as well as other items of interest to readers and writers alike. I hope you enjoy it. I have kept some my earlier professional articles and blogs here so you can read them as well.

Mike helped plan and deliver what would become the way forward on this Air Force transformation project. He was selfless with his time; stayed late and was available for conversation in reference to this workshop. Interaction was critical in maintaining focus as the outcome of this workshop would impact our organization in both operations and management. He established and set in place a cross-collaborative environment amongst all players from multiple  organizations.He partnered in facilitation of the entire event, involving even senior functional representatives who routinely declined participation. Mike earned the respect of all participants. The team’s synergy was phenomenal. Randy Fulton


Director of Aircrew Performance (retired), United States Air Force

Mike excels at strengthening his clients’ business strategy and financial performance as a result of his involvement with a wide range of industries and businesses that range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies; where he has worked as an executive, a consultant and as an entrepreneur. James Wagoner

Business Advisor

Mike has provided the US Mint with expert advice. His financial & business analysis proved to be very valuable to the organization’s decision making process during a major transition. I highly recommend Mike for your business consulting needs. Barry Claybrook

Program Manager, United States Mint

I have known Mike for several years, both as a business colleague and in his capacity as a consultant to me in the past. He is a strategic thinker with commensurate analytical and financial skills. He also has high ethical standards and strong people skills. I recommend Mike for any engagement requiring these competencies. Chuck Papageorgiou

Managing Partner, Ideasphere

Mike is an excellent leader with a diversified skill set and knowledge base. I have known and worked with Mike for several years and would confidently recommend Mike to provide solutions to companies and business units of all sizes. Ken Witte

Manager, Certainty Home Loans

Mike is a top-notch manager with excellent people skills. He communicates fluidly with his managers, subordinates, and peers in other functional areas. The entire team benefits from Mike’s  customer-focused way of approaching issues. He has a talent for anticipating potential customer problems and implementing suitable solutions. It is a pleasure working with Mike.    Dr. Aravindan Veerasamy

Principal Member of Technical Staff, WiserTogether, Inc.

A research-intensive university is a dynamic environment with a wide variety of people, working on a wide variety of problems. However, they rarely stop to consider issues of leadership, management, and organizational development. Mike has been extraordinarily effective in introducing both our faculty and our students to useful techniques and habits of thinking in these areas. He connects to people at all career stages, leading retreats, workshops, and discussions tailored to the needs of his audience. He is a wonderful partner in the development of our human capital. Dr. M.G. Finn

Professor and Chair, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology

I asked Mike to lead a workshop on negotiation skills for a group of graduate students. He made the session both informative and fun. He really connected with the audience and left a lasting impact on our career trajectories.

Dr. Hailey Bureau

Technical Advisor, Birch, Stewart, Kolasch and Birch LLP

I had the pleasure of first working with Mike several years ago when we brought him in to help shepherd two companies I was involved with through a merger. As part of that engagement he assessed the leadership of both companies and made post-merger organizational recommendations. Given the leadership capabilities I saw in Mike, I asked him to help me address some compelling organizational issues I was dealing with in my own company. He ended up assuming the position as CEO for several years. I can attest to Mike’s leadership and organizational development capabilities and would highly recommend him for engagements requiring these skills.

Mac Briggs

Chairman and CEO, Andesa Strategies Inc.


Mike Cobb

Mike has provided strategic, operational and financial leadership to small and medium-sized firms, as well as Fortune 500 companies and large government organizations, in a broad range of industries.