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Writing, for me, is bliss. But I am simply a conduit through which my characters tell the story. They are the story.

My body of work includes both fiction and nonfiction, short-form and long-form, as well as articles and blogs of literary interest.

While I am comfortable playing across a broad range of genres, much of my focus is on true crime, fictionalized true crime and historical fiction. Rigorous research is foundational to much of my writing. I get that honestly, having spent much of my professional career as a scientist.

Living on a lake in the north Georgia mountains, away from the rat race of the city, affords me the luxury of writing and inspires me in so many ways.

In this space I will share what I’m reading and working on, as well as other items of interest to readers and writers alike. I hope you enjoy it. I have kept some of my earlier professional articles and blogs here so you can read them as well.


Writing – and reading – like a scientist

Writing – and reading – like a scientist

Thinking like a detective I recently read an article in Psyche, the digital magazine from Aeon, titled How to think like a detective. The article caught my attention because, as a writer of true crime and crime fiction, I understand the importance of employing the...

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