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When to Run from a Consultant

Back in October of last year, in an article about the importance of asking the right questions and not assuming that you have the answers, I recounted an experience in a Delta Sky Club where I witnessed a disturbing conversation…

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Would You Rather Live a Happy Life or Meaningful Life?

I assume that most if not all of us would answer “I want both”. But what if you had to choose one or the other? Would you choose to be happy even if you had no clear, well-defined and committed purpose in life? Or would you choose instead to live a life of meaning even if it meant being miserable? A cogent argument…

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Getting the Questions Right

Earlier this year I wrote a short piece called For Want of Wonder about curiosity, creativity and innovation. I was reminded of this when I picked up the November 2017 edition of The Atlantic and…

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Mike Cobb

Mike has provided strategic, operational and financial leadership to small and medium-sized firms, as well as Fortune 500 companies and large government organizations, in a broad range of industries.