HOME AWAY FROM HOME, a story from The Biltmore House

Those of you who know me well know that I live part-time in midtown Atlanta in a ninety-eight year old building called The Biltmore House. For most of its illustrious history, it was part of The Biltmore Hotel and Apartments, billed at its opening as “The South’s Supreme Hotel.” Both buildings that make up the original hotel complex are on the National Register of Historic Places.

I love history. I guess that goes without saying, given that most of my writing is historical fiction. It’s because of my love of history that I live where I do. I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the city.

Last year, I was asked by Biltmore Radio (http://biltmoreradio.org/) to write and record a series of lightly fictionalized vignettes about The Biltmore Hotel and Apartments.

The first of these vignettes, “Home Away from Home,” was published in print in the Short Form section of my website back in October of last year. You can read it here: https://mgcobb.com/home-away-from-home/.

Or you can listen to the recording of the story here:       


I hope you enjoy it!