Mike Cobb Biography

Who is this guy named Mike Cobb anyway? Here’s my bio.


I, Mike Cobb, Am a Writer

I write because that is fundamentally who I am. Writing, for me, is bliss. But it’s not about me. I am simply a conduit through which my characters tell the story. They are the story.

My body of work includes fiction and nonfiction, short-form and long-form, as well as articles and blogs of literary interest. While I am comfortable playing across a broad range of genres, much of my focus lately has been on true crime, fictionalized true crime, and historical fiction. Rigorous historical research is foundational to much of my writing. I get that honestly, having spent most of my professional career as a scientist (more about this below).

Spending much of my time on a lake in the North Georgia mountains, away from the rat race of the city, affords me the luxury of writing and inspires me in so many ways.

I am an early riser. I do my best work in the morning, although I have found that, as I get older, I am more comfortable with an unregimented lifestyle that allows me to write whenever creativity strikes, regardless of time or place.

I Am a Scientist

In addition to being a writer, I am a professionally-trained scientist. My love of science began around the same time as my love of writing, very early in my life on this planet (see below).

Please don’t hold this against me, but I am what most people would call a geek, a wonk, an egghead. Think Big Bang Theory nerdish.

In 1980, I was awarded a PhD in Physical Chemistry, with a focus on Computational Quantum Physics. My thesis research was on molecular charge transfer dynamics in the upper atmosphere (don’t bother to ask – I pulled my dissertation off the shelf to read it recently and I don’t understand half of it). PhD in hand, I left Georgia Tech and headed north, with my wife, to the great state of New Jersey. From there we moved to Ohio and then back to Atlanta.

I spent forty years as a scientist, entrepreneur and consultant. Throughout this time, I wrote numerous technical papers and articles. My non-technical writing, by necessity, was a sideline.

My love of science abides, and it always will.

I am still involved with my alma mater as a member of the Georgia Tech College of Sciences Advisory Board. This affords me the opportunity to keep my toe dipped in the science waters.

I, Mike Cobb, Was Once a Kid

Please indulge me as I shift from first person to third. It easier that way because I’m not that kid anymore, although he shaped who I am today.

Back in the mid-fifties in a small, idyllic, middle class neighborhood in Atlanta, East Atlanta to be specific, there was this kid. He was introverted (but over the years he outgrew that). People said he was bright (but he didn’t completely buy into their enthusiasm). He had a few friends (but those around him found him a bit too aloof, even self-absorbed). But one thing he loved was to write. Writing, to him, was a form of inspiration – and escape. And he loved science. He pursued a professional career as a scientist, coach, entrepreneur, and consultant, all of which involved writing to some degree. But all along, he realized that his true passion was creative writing, a passion that could not be fulfilled by his chosen profession at the time.

But that kid became Mike Cobb the adult, grew older, and eventually retired. And now he can spend his days writing about things he wants to write about instead of things demanded by his career.

I am a Husband, Father, and Friend

I split my time between Atlanta and Blue Ridge with Caren, my wife of forty-plus years, our dog, Bella, and two cats, with whom I have established a relationship of mutual tolerance. We are the proud parents of two daughters, Mandy and Laura, and two sons-in-law, John and Kian.

Our daughters contribute immeasurably to my work, editing my manuscripts (Mandy and Laura) and providing design, styling and artistic contributions (Mandy).

And, of course, there are my close friends. North Georgia mountain friends, city friends, and friends both stateside and abroad. I don’t know what I would do without them. Four of them are serious fellow writers with whom I meet regularly. They challenge me, encourage me, and keep me from going off the rails. I am eternally indebted to them.

When I’m not writing I enjoy reading, traveling, walking, wine, cooking, and spending time on the water.

Come Journey With Me

Life is a journey. Please join me on mine.

Honesty, loyalty, empathy, authenticity, and an insatiable curiosity. I strive every day to live by these principles. They keep my path straight, my relationships solid, and my writing fresh and unique.

In this space I will share what I’m reading and working on, as well as other items of interest to readers and writers alike. I hope you enjoy it. I have kept some of my earlier professional articles and blogs here so you can read them as well.

Parts of Speech, Sentences, and the Oxford Comma

I use nouns and verbs liberally, adjectives and adverbs only when needed.

Contrary to what my seventh-grade English teacher taught me, I sometimes don’t write complete sentences.

And in case it’s not obvious by now, you should know that I’m a big fan of the Oxford comma.


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“My passion is for writing. I write because that who I am.” — Mike Cobb