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Writing, for me, is bliss. But I am simply a conduit through which my characters tell the story. They are the story.

My body of work includes both fiction and nonfiction, short-form and long-form, as well as articles and blogs of literary interest.

While I am comfortable playing across a broad range of genres, much of my focus is on true crime, fictionalized true crime and historical fiction. Rigorous research is foundational to much of my writing. I get that honestly, having spent much of my professional career as a scientist.

Living on a lake in the north Georgia mountains, away from the rat race of the city, affords me the luxury of writing and inspires me in so many ways.

In this space I will share what I’m reading and working on, as well as other items of interest to readers and writers alike. I hope you enjoy it. I have kept some of my earlier professional articles and blogs here so you can read them as well.


One True Sentence

One True Sentence

To get started, write one true sentence. My wife and I have been watching the documentary on Ernest Hemingway by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Hemingway did his best work very early in the morning. While I would never...

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