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Strategy Development and Execution

Prussian military strategist Helmuth von Moltke is credited with saying “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” While the military analogy breaks down quickly, a corollary principle that guides sound business leadership is “No strategic plan survives first contact with the market.”

The key to business success is not developing strategic plans but, rather, the strategic planning process itself. This was never more true than it is in the constantly changing world in which we live today.

Successful leaders in business and industry know the importance of having a clear vision forward but, at the same time, building into the organization the agility and risk tolerance necessary to embrace change. We help business leaders accomplish this through:

  • Visioneering for outcomes-driven strategic planning
  • Implementing sustainable strategy development processes in organizations
  • Embracing and managing business risk to achieve competitive advantage
  • Developing and implementing disruptive strategies to break out from the pack
  • Market assessment and portfolio strategies
  • Organizational and operational alignment with strategic goals and objectives
  • Development of implementation plans