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What You See Is Not The Whole Story … Not Even Close

I really like this picture. I’m not sure of the provenance, but it has “the world needs to know this” written all over it.

When we see successful people, all we see is the end result, as if success “just happened”. It’s so easy to forget all the hard work, the sacrifice, the pain, the failures along the way, that contributed to an ultimately successful outcome. The passion, the discipline, the perseverance and focus. The early mornings and late nights. The highs. The lows. The elation and rejection. And yes, at times even loneliness and despair.

In our results-oriented world, it’s so easy to forget that what we don’t see is much more meaningful than what we see. The process, the journey, is much more noteworthy than the outcome.

Look beyond the trappings of success to the underlying journey, the things that really matter. It just may change your perspective.


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